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Pun Pun currently has two restaurants in Chiang Mai city with upcoming plans for opening a third restaurant spring/summer 2014!

Pun Pun Wat Suak Dok

The restaurant at Wat Suan Dok temple has moved to a new location just behind the old space still within the temple grounds, which has been renovated to have more covered seating, parking and space for upcoming organic products.

Hours at Pun Pun Wat Suan Dok are 9:00am – 4:00pm

Contact phone number:  Ratchabodin (Dtai) at 084.365.6581

Directions:  First find Wat Suan Dok temple on Suthep Road going west out of the moat.  Turn into the temple and walk back past the large temple building on your right.  Then you will see a small turn to your right with a stupa on your left.  The restaurant is right behind this stupa.

Pun Pun Lang Moh

The second location is farther up Suthep Road to the west across the street from the last entrance to CMU at the base of the mountain.  This restaurant can be open in the evening and also has a small cooking school for people who want to learn how to cook some of the dishes on the menu.

Hours at Pun Pun Lang Moh are 10:00am- 8:00 pm

Contact phone number: Loong Wat at 086.181.6051

Directions:  When going west on Suthep Road follow past the intersection with the Canal Road and continue until you will see the last entrance to Chiang Mai University on your right.  Across the road at the base of the mountain you will see the restaurant in an outdoor location on the left side of Suthep Road.

New Restaurant/Natural Food Store

As of 2014, Pun Pun will be embarking on a new project located near Airport Plaza on Hang Dong Road.  This project is a new restaurant and natural food store on a piece of land that also allows us to grow gardens and host events and workshops in the same space.

DAA – Documentary Arts Asia ( will be moving their gallery, theatre, artist in residence program and offices to the same piece of land and there are plans with more friends for a bicycle repair shop and space as well in the future.

Right now we are in the process of building the new space.  Stay tuned for our opening!


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the idea


At Pun Pun seed saving is our main objective. We realized that we save seeds, propagate them, and promote other people to grow them, but other people grow them and don’t have anywhere to sell them as they are not known to the general public anymore and middlemen do not buy them like they do cash crops. We realized there is a need to create a market for local indigenous organic vegetables. So we opened a restaurant called Pun Pun to be a place to bring the vegetables that we and other local farmers grow and to be a place for education for the public as well.
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what it is

Pun Pun Organic Restaurants are a project aimed at supporting local organic farmers, farmer networks, and propagating biodiversity. By producing organic produce on our own farm as well as buying from farmers producing organically, we support farmer’s transition to sustainable food systems.
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where it is

Pun Pun Restaurant at Wat Suan Dok temple (on Suthep Road between the Suan Dok Gate on the moat and the Chiang Mai University- if you are new to the city you can just tell the driver of the red trucks to take you to Wat Suan Dok, it is very well known) is located inside the temple. Walk back into the temple on the main road to the back and on your right you’ll see a Monk Chat building. Keep walking and on your right you’ll see a sign for the restaurant and the courtyard inside.

Pun Pun Lang Moh is located farther west down the road from Wat Suan Dok temple.  Keep traveling west on Suthep Road through the large intersection at the canal and just past the entrance to CMU on your right, you will see it on your left at the base of the mountain.

Pun Pun @ Santitham is located just down the street from YMCA on Santitham Road.  It is on the street between the YMCA and the round-about.
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