Come visit our restaurant in Chiang Mai city serving delicious, nutritious, local food.

super mixed salad resizedPun Pun Market

In the spring of 2014 Pun Pun opened our newest project located near Airport Plaza on Hang Dong Road.  This project is a new restaurant and natural food store on a piece of land that also allows us to grow gardens and host events and workshops in the same space.

Here we offer Isaan (northeastern Thai) food, curries, soups, fusion wraps and salads and local organic coffee and shakes/smoothies.  All meals are offered vegetarian and vegan and we also have free-range, organic chicken options.    Come visit the shop where we sell local produce, homemade yogurt, bulk organic items, body care products and other products from Pun Pun farm and other local groups.

Hours at Pun Pun Market are 11am-7:00pm Friday to Wednesday (closed Thursdays)

Please check our facebook site at Pun Pun Marktet-Airport for more update info on our location and possible closed dates.

Contact email: peggy.reents@gmail.com

_DSC1684Directions:  From the intersection at Airport Plaza, travel south on the Hang Dong road around 250 meters.  On your left you will see a Tyre Plus shop with a big Michelin Man sign.  Take the first left after the sign down the small street.  (If you see the Pizza shop you have gone too far).  We are down the street on your left at the long aluminum fence with the earthen buildings and big space.


Come and try them all! 

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the concept of our restaurant

At Pun Pun seed saving is our main objective. We realized that we save varieties of seeds, propagate them, and promote other people to grow them, as well as hosting trainings on transitioning to organic agriculture, but if other people grow them and don’t have anywhere to sell, and the market is not there, it can only go so far.  We also meet so many people interested in being able to find nutritious, affordable, and safe food to eat for themselves and their families.  Our attempts with the restaurant and shop is to create and stimulate this market and connect consumers and producers to know each other better.  To understand where our food comes from, what is in our food and how this effects us daily.  

Pun Pun Organic Restaurant is a project aimed at supporting local organic farmers, farmer networks, and propagating biodiversity.   Some produce and sauces comes from Pun Pun farm, but we cannot grow everything since the farm focuses on seed saving and trainings as well.  We created the restaurant to support other local organic farmers and we continually try to learn about the organic projects that are forming in Thailand so that we can support them.  We are not yet, however, using all organic products but we can see how creating a market for this produce and products can support farmer’s transition to sustainable food systems.

Our food is:

  • Organic as much as possible coming from organic farmers’ groups
  • Supporting local food systems
  • Diverse containing various rare or indigenous herbs and plants
  • Healthy – meaning we use NO MSG, NO GMO, and NO PRESERVATIVES. We don’t use white refined sugar and use unrefined whole grains such as brown rice and whole wheat flour.
  • Only free-range humanely-raised meat
  • Fresh – focusing on raw and lightly cooked foods which maintain their nutritional value.
  • Primarily homemade including yogurt, cheese, peanut butters, chili pastes, and salad dressings